how to: Installing ESXi 5.5 on less than 4GB RAM

- Boot the system from CD with the ESXi installer on it.
- Once the installer welcome screen shows up, press alt+1 to go to the first console (login prompt)
- Login as root, no password.
  # cd /usr/lib/vmware/weasel/utils
- There are a few files but the is of interest to us 
- Delete upgrade_precheck.pyc (compiled version)
- Move to 
  (because the file can not be edited due to some immortal flags and lack of tools to remove these flags)
- Type cp
- Type chmod 666
- Edit and search for line that MEM_MIN_SIZE you will find (4 * 1024).
  Edit the number 4 to make it suitable for you. I made it to 1
- Type  ps -c | grep weasel
- Note down the process "python" by pid
- Type kill -9 
- This put me back at the main screen, but you can jump back pressing ALT+F2 if necessary
- Continue the install process

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