Inventory of my stuffs (2)

Upper Left Lower

2theMax Small Box|
3x Philips LCD's USB Hub
1x USB Mouse
2x HeatSink
1x 12V 3A power supply (old router)

2theMax Large Box|
GTR 350W power supply


2theMax 400DS
2x Linksys Router

Bed Right

Mid Light Blue Box

20181007_094911.jpg 20181007_090946.jpg
PC FAN 3" x3
PC FAN 6" x8
PC FAN 12" x1
HeatSink + FAN
HD Mount FAN 3.5"  x3
Back Mount FAN x1
USB->IDE convertor + Power Supply x2

VoIP 3000 x3 IPSer LAN=>Serial(2 ports) Linksys WL 500g Linksys Openwrt WL



Mid Light Blue Box

Yahoo small side bags x2
Yahoo side bag
Yahoo back package
Ijie Wine Glass

Mid Yellow Box

Edifier Amp + 2 spker
3寸全频喇叭 x2
AMP RJ45 clipper


Books from University 
SuperPro Universal Programmer
EPROM Emulator
JDM FEZ-877 PIC Programmer

Bed Left

Big Blue Box

20181006_115317.jpg 20181006_114259.jpg

Asus WL-500G Delux Box|
Asus WL-500G Delux
WL-500W (2x USB)

Linksys SE1500 5port SW Box|
USB Microphone
EDiMAX pocket WIFI (USB power) BR-6258n
USB hub with power supply
power supply 5V 2A (2.1DC out)
power supply 5V 1A (USB out)
4x USB (M->F) extension cable

Cooler Master G500 PS Box|
SureCom 8 port 10/100 SW
PCI 5 port 10/100 SW (w/ Magnet)
Blue Tooth Module

Taobao Robat Arm|
Robot Arm 6DoF & servos

VoIP AX301 + Doc from Taobao

In-House Antanna with Amplifier
PC Speaker with Amp
USB Blue Tooth module
Wireless AV - AV extender
Cisco 677 + power + console cable
Cool Master 460W Power Supply
ATX 300 Power Supply
3"x3" Case Fan x2
Lenovo Round 90W power supply
HP Big Round power supply

Big Blue Box

Gigabyte P4 Titan Blue Box|
Spare RJ11 head
Power supply with V+ & V-
3x RJ11>RJ11 Telephone cable 
1x EN>EN Telephone cable
2x RJ11>EN telephone cable
2x EN-EN adapter
1x RJ11>RJ11x2 tie out adapter
1x RJ11>EN adapter
3x RJ45>RJ45 adapter
1x RJ11>RJ11x2 tie out & privacy adapter
Nx RJ45, RJ11, EN heads (unclipped)

Gigabyte Titan Green Box|
1x SATA data cable red
1x SATA to 4pin power cable
1x USBx2 w/ shelf -> internal MB header
1x USB -> internal MB header
3x IDE33 HD cable
2x 4pin power -> 4pin + USB out
2x 4pin power -> 4pin small (FD used)
1x RS232 DB9 w/ shelf -> RS232 DB9
1x Audio/USBx2 Front panel -> internal MB header
1x Asus USBx2 Shelf -> internal MB header
1x Netline USB->RJ45 10/100 network adapter

Intel D201GLY2A iTX Box|
Nx 5.25" Bay Cover
Nx 3.5" Bay Cover
Nx short shelf
Nx long shelf
8x GPU memory heatsink w/sticker
2x South Bridge heatsink
1x 386CPU heatsink

Philips Iron for cloth 
Alumium case for laptop (no 2 FAN)
Transistor exchange dictionary X2
Action Cam parts + floater + handhold + bicycle claw
Lenovo X200 - LCD broken
Lenovo X201 - 
Lenovo docking station

Vaccum Box

EE Prototype Board (white)
Super 1.5~12V 800mA power supply
2x DVI -> VGA adapter
TV Antenna 1->3
TV Antenna 1->2
Antenna Screw Converter (F -> F) x2
Antenna Screw Converter (M -> 2xF)
Antenna Cable Screw->BNC(F)short
Antenna Cable Screw->BNC(M) x3
Antenna Cable Screw->BNC(M)
Antenna Cable BNC(M)-BNC(M)
HD5135A Digital LED Voltmeter (20V range)
8xAA battery box (12V)
KVM cable white
DVI -> HDMI w/ ironring
HDMI-HDMI shielded w/ IronRing
HP 5V 3.6A power supply
Heat Sink w/ FAN
Lotus AV cable
S-video -> AV cable


15" Philip white Monitor
Small TV set
Netvigator 4" TV/Monitor
Rice Cooker
Paper Eater

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