Supply voltage (3.7v) from the drone
Red - Black - Yellow - RedSwitch
 V+ -  GND  - signal

x5c wifi camera hacking

The x5c Wifi camera is only 640×480.

The camera is basically just a WIFI camera in Peer to Peer mode.


You use APP Syma FPV, Dome FPV to view the video.  The camera has a desktop menu complete with setup screens.

Connect to the camera with your laptop open the Firefox and browse to

When prompted for password enter admin no password

You will get a screen where you will be asked to install the plugin. The plugin is for IE only.  I suggest you use firefox and use the image stream mode.

This will take you to a ip camera desktop page. If you try this from a phone or ipad you will get a different mobile screen tell your moble browser to force a desktop page.

From this screen you can view video but you can also select device management

If you click on the gear you can adjust brightness contrast and color.

DO not run the WIZARD. If you get the wifi setup wrong I am not sure you will be able to get back in to fix it.

Settings let you change the name of the camera and set the time. However I think it dumps the time on reboot. Auto time set doesn’t work because it has no net access.

Basically we are seeing all the standard IP camera setup screens that you would see on a foscam.

You can add and edit user logons. Note if you remove the admin with no password the APP software will no longer work.

The wifi screen lets you connect to a router. Haven’t tried this because I don’t want to get locked out. Normally on a foscam you would only edit wifi settings from the wire line connection never from the wifi connection.

The settings have motion detect and sound detect and email.

The camera has IR settings but they are not used since it has no ir hardware.

It also has TF card settings.

You can pull up a MJPEG video stream using the standard ip camera cgi commands gives you a MJPEG video stream. Should also work takes a photo.

I also notice than you select status it tries to check for the latest firmware.


Because the camera uses a standard camera command any IP camera software for you phone or tablet should work.  Just enter username as admin and no password.

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